MedeSol is a patented disinfectant that has been proven to kill viruses for up to 28 days on a range of materials including hard, non-porous surfaces all the way to the soft, porous materials used in respirators.

Proven Effectiveness & Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the critical -- and worldwide -- importance of delivering more effective responsiveness for surface sanitation and hygiene.


From healthcare institutions to education to manufacturing to military to individual communities across each nation, persistent disinfectant solutions have a unique role to play in preventing transfer of infectious viruses and bacteria from surfaces to human subjects and by interrupting airborne particles that are not adequately defended against with conventional materials.

United States-based MedeSol has developed and successfully deployed three innovative and unprecedented solutions for persistent disinfection that are available for your country’s use:

In Persistent Surface Disinfectant Solutions

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MedeSol MC formulation in ethanol was applied to nonwoven elements of N95 mask in a simple soak and air dry process.
  • Active chlorine in MedeSol coating on N95 polypropylene nonwovens did not change over 6 months of storage  
  • MedeSol antimicrobial coating on cotton/poly fibers killed bacteria and virus to high levels (>99.9999%) after contact times in the 3-10 min range 
  • MedeSol antimicrobial coating on hard surface persisted at high levels, still killing >99.9999% Staph aureus at 24 hours while Clorox bleach was completely ineffective 30 min after application    
  • MedeSol antimicrobial coating on hard surface was still detectable at high levels against Staph aureus at two months after application (up to 99.99999% kill )
VA Center and CWRU in Cleveland, by Professor C. Donskey.  
  • MedeSol coated nonwoven captured and inactivated all influenza virus particles in  ASTM protocol on filtration efficacy    
Pacific NW Microbiology Services


Case Studies

Simon E. Johnston,

MedeSol CEO

Co-founder of MedeSol, Inc. and holds 7 U.S. patents, including several on polymer chemistry. Across 35 years as a healthcare and textile entrepreneur, he has expertise in international

and domestic chemistry technology licensing.



Prof. Jeffrey F. Williams Ph.D

Prof. Jeffrey F. Williams has spent 27 years as an instructor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University. He was a Member of the Board of Counselors to NIAID, US NIH, and has served as a consultant to the WHO. Author of more than 200 scientific papers and textbook chapters, Professor Williams holds 10 patents.




Prof. Dave Worley 

Prof. Dave Worley was a distinguished Professor of Physical Sciences at Auburn University until his retirement in 2017. He remains active in research as an Emeritus Professor; his laboratory is focused on the development of innovative antimicrobial compounds. He has published more than 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded 40 U.S. patents. 

Prof. Royal M. Broughton, Ph.D

Roy Broughton was a Professor of Textile Engineering at Auburn University until his retirement in 2008. His experiences in chemistry and process engineering enabled him to work on projects funded by U.S. National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Defense and many private corporations over his career, during which he published over 100 scientific papers and was awarded 18 U.S. patents.

Prof. YuYu Sun, Ph.D

Prof. YuYu Sun is a professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts and is an internationally renowned polymer chemist, inventor, and long-time collaborator with Simon Johnston and Prof. Jeffrey F. Williams.

Howard  Wheeler, B.S. Chem, B.S. Chem Engineering

Howard Wheeler has collaborated with Simon Johnston and Prof. Jeffrey F. Williams continuously over the last 20 years as a process chemistry and formulation consultant, providing advisory services to a wide range of industrial chemistry enterprises, both established and start-ups.

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MedeSol HS

A unique, powerful, and quick-acting water-based foam formulation for hand sanitization that works with extraordinary potency and speed.

MedeSol AQ

Extends its effectiveness on treated surfaces for up to 28 days.

MedeSol MC

Specifically engineered to bring continuously active anti-microbial treatment to the performance of protective face masks.


Sustained disinfecting efficacy between cleanings, lasting up to 28 days.


Prevents the rise of antibiotic-resistant microbes through a combination of active ingredients.

Fast Working

Faster onset of antimicrobial



Multiple key applications: hands, surfaces and masks.

Easy To Use

Can be dispensed from conventional pumps/spray bottles or electrostatic industrial sprayers.

Saves Money

Lower costs related to frequency, expense and labor-intensiveness of re-applications.

MedeSol HS & MedeSol AQ

Zero alcohol in the solution, eliminating risks in storage or flammability.

Reduced Infection

Use of persistent disinfectants has been shown to reduce hospital-acquired infection (HAI).